About me

Presently living in Dhaka, Bangladesh, I am experiencing a fast-growing economy in which start-ups seek their part. I am contributing to their progress by offering training and mentoring in the development of business plans, pitching their businesses to investors and building supporting networks.

At Leiden University in the Netherlands, I completed my Master's Degree in Social Sciences and as a Psychologist. I majored in Organisation Psychology.

As a professional, I have been consulting as a careers counsellor for over twenty years to a wide variety of businesses on issues from the establishment of small businesses from the ground up, to personnel and management issues in well-established firms, e.g. Banking firms and government agencies. In my career as an executive coach, I have put a strong focus on assisting executives and managers in maximizing their individual potential and on their leadership roles within the workplace.

Interview with Akkie Okma
My Mission

Broaden your horizon

My mission is to empower people
and to give them the self-confidence
to handle major careers hick-ups.

Working Methods

Going in the right direction?

I am a solution-based counsellor.
I will offer tools and ideas that will
have an impact on your abilities
to find new avenues and opportunities.
Based upon the experience I know
that one will learn the most of just
doing things and evaluate.

My Philosophy

Be a lifelong learner. I feel privileged
to meet so many different people
who want to share their concerns
and challenges with me. Together
with them, I explore their talents
and how they can make an impact.
If they take responsibility and leadership,
I consider my counselling successful.

what my clients has to say

I work together with YY Goshti and PUM Nederlands to conduct personality profiles and help startups & social entrepreneurs to reach their goals.

Akkie is an incredibly effective career coach; one in a million! She has the methods, tools and deep understanding to know what it takes and help professionals get to the next level.

Assistant Company Secretary, Climate Fund Managers

It was a pleasure being coached by Akkie during my endeavor to rediscover my career priorities and goals. Akkie was knowledgeable with a lot of experience.

Senior analyst, Accenture

Akkie coached me and kept me focused on my priorities, helped me shape my resume and gave me the confidence that I would find a role that would match what I wanted.

Manager Operations, NLinBusiness

Anticipation is the core of the guidance. By this, I mean that you can start taking small steps today if you know which goal you want to achieve. That way your ideal future comes closer. Many candidates have broadened their horizons by me and have therefore successfully changed their careers.

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